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Too often students complain about the unfair loss of points on tests and papers because of failure to follow directions. While oral directions may be more difficult to remember than written, ALL directions must be followed. Here are a few tricks to assure all directions are followed and full credit is earned for your hard work.


imagesBe sure to have a pen and paper (tablet) ready when directions are given. The back of the last page of a test or handout is the best place to always record those oral directions. A consistent place helps reinforce memory. (Like parking in the same area each time you go to the shopping mall.)

  1. DO NOT RELY ON MEMORY! Too often memory fails us just when we need it the most. If when handing out a test, the teacher says put your name, date, and section, in the upper right hand corner of every page, be sure to write that on the back of the last page.
  2. When reading written directions, use your pen to underline key words.                                  For example: Directions: Use ten of new the vocabulary words listed below in a creative short story. Underline each word. Be sure to spell and grammar check.
  3. ASSUME NOTHING! Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you don’t
    understand. More than likely there are others who will be glad you images


  1. Before getting up to turn in your paper, REREAD THE DIRECTIONS. Check to see that you have followed ALL the directions.  
  2. Turn over your last page to review any oral directions you noted. Check to see that you have followed those as well. (Name, date, section in upper right-hand corner of EVERY page.)


Feel confident you will earn the grade you deserve!


Good Luck!

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