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Often students and parents complain about hours spent on homework. It has been proven that working when most focused greatly diminishes homework time and improves memory of content.  (Why Can’t Students Just Pay Attention?)

How to diminish homework time by increasing your focusing time?

  1. Finish a snack before beginning homework.
  2. Set out one assignment at  a time.
  3. Set a timer for a number of minutes you think you can work without being distracted. (20-45+ minutes)
  4. Work until the timer rings. If you have been able to work with full attention during that time, great! Take a short break. (5-10 minutes) And repeat the process adding a few more minutes (5-10+minutes) to your timer until you have completed your assignment.
  5. If you became distracted before the timer rang, stop! Note how long you were able to remain focused and after a short break (5-10 minutes)  reset the timer for your focused time. Begin again. Repeat the process until you have completed the assignment.
  6. To increase your focusing time, add just 1-5 minutes every day until you have reached your optimum time.


Note: Often parents are reluctant to see their children take breaks from homework. It has been proven that these breaks help productivity in ALL workers. (To Stay on Schedule Take a Break)