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There are numerous areas in the home where homework can be completed,


but the most successful spaces are where students can remain focused without distractions (i.e. No telephone, television). The traditional desk is certainly not necessary, and a portable supply box can make any space functional.


Many students like to work on the kitchen table where a parent is available to answer questions. This is fine, but wherever the space is set, it must be clearly defined and able to be used without interruption.


  1. Make a tool box of desk supplies. Ensure everything necessary is only an arm’s reach away. (i.e. pens, pencils, paper, erasers, tape, scissors, etc).
  2. Select a distraction free space where materials can be safely left in place when a break is needed.
  3. Headphones may be used if listening to music helps with focusing. Be sure they are attached to a well charged device and all other bells and whistles on the device are turned off.

Note: Portable homework space such as the kitchen table, must be cleaned up when work is completed. All assignments should be returned to the homework folder which should be returned to the backpack. All supplies should be returned to the supply box and safely stored for the next time it’s needed.