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As students head into the new school year after a lengthy summer vacation, they are often pumped to succeed. They arrive with new backpacks, binders and an array of assorted school supplies. How to manage all of this can sometimes be challenging especially for those with lockers and who move between classrooms throughout the day. As an executive functioning coach, I have developed a few tips to make life easier for these students.


  • There is no need to carry all your supplies with you all day.
  • Tape your schedule inside your locker door. Check the schedule and take only what is needed until a break when you can return to your locker and exchange supplies.
  •  Use a 2 pocket homework folder to store all your  assignments (Left pocket mark To Do, Right pocket mark Completed) Bring this folder  with you to every class and home with you everyday.
  • At the end of the school day, check your homework folder and take only that which is needed for night’s homework.                 image

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