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About Barbara Hurwitz, Acclaimed Indie Author

Barbara Schilling Hurwitz – Indie Author

Barbara Schilling Hurwitz is a veteran English teacher who enjoys viewing the world through a creative lens. Her first young adult (YA) novel, Pandu, has been well received by readers of all ages. Her newly released second book, Lucky Girl, is a collection of life shaping stories all told while recalling her mother-in-law’s words, “She’s such a lucky girl.” 

Barbara particularly enjoys writing short stories/flash fiction. Her works have been published by Flora Fiction Review, Jewish Literary Journal, Washington Writers’ Publishing House Writes, Trouvaille Review, Kveller, Dissident Voice, Teach.Write., Pure Slush Lifespan series, and several other publications.

With first-hand knowledge of the rigors associated with the NYC High School admissions process, Barbara wrote The Essential Guide to NYC High School Admissions a user-friendly workbook to help guide students through the arduous application process. She also authored The Essential Guide to High School Admissions – Washington, DC  Edition for students applying to private high schools in the DC metro area. Both workbooks have received accolades from students, parents and teachers.

In addition to writing, Barbara enjoys reading, crafts and visiting with her children and grandchildren. She and her husband spend their time in Bethesda, Maryland and New York City.