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Lucky Girl – Growing Up with Courage, Curiosity, and Gratitude

Lucky Girl, Growing Up with Courage, Curiosity and Gratitude; By Barbara Schilling Hurwitz

Lucky Girl

A short story collection of life changing episodes shared with family and friends. Growing up singing into the garden hose to becoming big sister to older brother. Car fire first date, motel escape, and family vacation without clothes, all with the comic reminder of mother-in-law’s words, “She’s such a lucky girl.”

The Gift:  This memoir began as a Story Worth birthday gift to me from my grandson Ian. For one year I received a writing prompt each week inspiring the stories that followed.

The Writing: The stories trace my life journey from birth to today. For the most part, it was a joy traveling back in time recalling events as best as I could remember. Some stories I admit to embellishing for better reading and publication in literary journals, but all the people are real and the events are true.

Readers will notice gaps in the journey where I chose another road rather than time travel through troubling events of my past. After the last of the 52 weeks of prompts closed, Story Worth  allotted 3 months to edit, revise, and add pictures before the book went live. I panicked. I could have used another year, but I heard the clock ticking and went to work.

The Revision: The date was December 1, 2023, when I got started. The setting was Malibu, California overlooking the Pacific Ocean from our cousin Mallory’s home where my husband and I spent the month house/dog sitting. There couldn’t have been a better place to work!

Once back in Maryland, Ely and I drove over to our storage unit to search for the pictures I wanted to download into the book. I should have brought a ladder and gloves. The boxes were stacked to the ceiling, the temperature was frigid, and my husband’s patience was understandably running low as I had him lifting and dragging decomposing boxes with little success in the findings.

Fortunately, with the help of family and saved pictures on our computers, I was able to compile enough photos through the ages to complete the historical journey.

Now the book is live for family and friends to find themselves in my memoir. For those omitted, I am truly sorry, but as you will see when reading the Closing, more memories just kept creeping in and I had to bring this to closure by November 18.

The Purchase: I’ve set the Amazon purchase price at the lowest amount allowed, with free shipping. I wanted to make this book easily affordable for everyone. I do hope my family, friends, and those from yesteryear will enjoy taking this trip back in time with me and through the ages. I am hopeful those who don’t know me yet, will also enjoy stepping into my journey.  Please click here to view on Amazon.

The Feedback: I’d love to hear from all who read Lucky Girl. Please email me at

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Lucky Girl