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Pandu – A Young Adult Island Adventure

Pandu - A young adult island adventurePandu is a YA adventure novel set on a remote island the South Pacific where a young man seeks refuge after his sailboat is damaged in a storm. There he meets Sarini, an island native girl, who shirks her responsibility to alert all the inhabitants of a trespasser in exchange for knowledge of the world beyond Pandu.

Emotions rise and fall as Sarini, who is betrothed to her childhood sweetheart, struggles between commitment and temptation. She runs from premarital rituals to the cave where she nurses her hidden treasure back to health—never realizing she is being watched.

If you are thinking of buying a copy of Pandu, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to send you a signed card for free, to include with the book.

The book is available through Amazon in hard copy or Kindle version.  Click here to purchase.


Readers’ Comments:
“Barbara Hurwitz has a talent for creating characters who step into your life, and paints pictures of an island you will one day want to visit. All thumbs up for Barbara Hurwitz for her novel. I look forward to reading ”any” other creations she may pen.” – Kim Haight
“Pandu is a tale that is spun from the sea, but it is not a sea tale. It is a story of adventure, discovery, growth, love in so many forms, culture and fear. I found myself reading way past my bedtime several nights in a row until I finished it. There lies the problem the ending! I hated not the ending but the end. I had grown so familiar with the characters that I missed them. I did not want to let them go. I needed to continue the journey. This book is suitable for all ages and would be an excellent gift for a youth or an adult. Thanks Ms.Hurwitz for entertaining me, for taking me to a paradise that I may never physically visit but that I have lived so vividly in my mind.” – Rev Dan 54
“A riveting story with solid characters and many surprises. It faces issues about cultural contrasts, kindness, and jealousy. I could not put this one down. It will appeal to readers of all ages.” – Marie
“I was hooked from the start. A great story about culture and diversity, wrapped in an island paradise. A young man and woman searching for who they are to become find that their cultures different, but their questions the same. The author’s imagery leaves one feeling as if they are sitting on a rock nearby watching the tale unfold. A great read! We read it for book club and had the best discussion we’ve ever had!” – BLS