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High School Applications & Admissions

Applying to High School?

This is an exciting time for middle school students and their parents alike.  It is time to make decisions about which schools to apply to.  For most students, the high school admissions process is one of the most consequential and competitive events of their young lives.

Nevertheless, many students and parents struggle to navigate the application process.  Material provided by the school system is not always organized in a user friendly way.  Further, substantial guidance on how best to complete the application paperwork can be difficult to obtain.


Essential Guide to High School Admissions

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The Essential Guide to New York City High School Admissions

The Essential Guide to Washington DC High School Admissions

In Ms. Hurwitz’s workbooks she practically holds students’ hands as she guides them through the process.  She emphasizes the importance of an organized approach and working only when most focused.  Images help keep the process lighthearted and directions are easy to follow. 

Parents, teachers, counselors, and students will find these guides to be an essential resource steering them through what up until now has been a daunting process for so many.

PRAISE  FOR   The Essential Guide to High School Admissions

8th Grade student Academic Leadership Charter School, NYC:“This book has helped me realize who I am as a person and what I want to do in my life.  I never thought a book would have so much value in getting to know who I really am.  I actually know what type of person I am now and why I am the type of person I am. Most of all, after completing the essential guide, I feel confident about my high school choices.”

Jaime Kennedy, Middle School Principal Academic Leadership Charter School, NYC: “The Essential Guide to High School Admissions was a useful tool for my seventh grade students entering eighth grade who are preparing and researching high schools that are best for them. The guide expressed the importance for students (parents, teachers and myself) to learn how to research their high school choices in the most meaningful way.   Every young scholar entering high school should have this experience using this book.” 

Maurice Frumkin President NYC Admissions Solutions, Former Deputy Director High School Admissions NYC Department of Education: “Barbara has developed a truly valuable resource for NYC families navigating the often-overwhelming high school admissions process.  I highly recommend this guide as a trusted companion for all families, including my own clients, as it can help ensure the best school fit possible.”

Peter Braverman: “In my own work helping hundreds of students and families find high schools that “fit,” I turned to Barbara Hurwitz’s workbook year after year. It contains sensible, practical exercises for students to learn more about themselves, and helps parents, who also play a huge role, to see how kids experience the process. The book will help any student looking for a challenging, growth-oriented high school program, and, as a bonus, it will set the stage for college applications in a few years, too. I’m thrilled to see Barbara publishing it more widely.”

Tina Chan: “This gem of a workbook will help guide and advise students, teachers, and parents who are involved in the high school application process.”