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  The NYC high school application process designed under Mayor Bloomberg was intended to level the academic field, offering equal opportunities to all students regardless of economics, language, or academic achievement. But as many of my followers may know, this process is anything but equitable and is often a nightmare […]

NYC High School Applications

Since the NYC Public High School acceptance letters were sent out last week, the process has been the subject of multiple news articles. Not only is the process confusing at best, it is also discriminatory. The 600 page NYC High School Directory (offered in 10 languages) is given to every […]

“Weather” to Educate

  Baltimore County students began their first week of school on August 24. Many smiling faces headed out doors that day. Children with freshly cut hair, new shoes and school supplies stuffed in backpacks hanging from their shoulders headed off excited to start the school year, meet their teachers and reconnect […]

Tips to Inspire Student Minds

   Last week I read a Bam Radio tweet filled with education related inspirational platitudes offering no methods, ideas, suggested teaching techniques. Sure children can be compared to snowflakes, each uniquely different, but unlike snowflakes children have minds, minds that welcome inspiration, creativity and love. And to inspire those minds teachers […]