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Barbara Hurwitz is an educator, traveler and indie author. She enjoys reading, writing, crafts and spending time with her growing family.

Empty Nest

Empty Nest – Published in Fresh Words – November 2022 The psychiatrist advised a pet, maybe a small puppy Evelyn could nurture, and with whom she could share the love and attention she so missed now that her only son was gone. Not gone from this world, but gone from […]

Tour de Florida

Tour de Florida – Published in Flora Fiction Review Vol. 3: Courage – Fall 2022 I swung my leg over the bike’s horizontal crossbar with about the same level of confidence I had when mounting Pinto, for that unforgettable initiation to horseback riding. Suffice it to say, the horse and […]

The Search for Prince Charming

The Search for Prince Charming – Published in Pure Slush Vol. 6: Marriage Lifespan – September 2022 Evie squealed with delight watching her new princess dress twirl about her as she spun circles in front of the full-length mirror. Loose pink sparkles clung to her cheeks, and her mother snapped […]

Family Circus

Family Circus – Published in Way Words Vol. 1, Issue 7: Vacations – August 15, 2022 When my husband arrived home flashing a brochure and reservations for all six of us to a Club Med in Eleuthera, it was quite a surprise coming from the man I had recently dubbed […]

A Call From The Other Side

A Call From The Other Side – Published in the Jewish Literary Journal – August 1, 2022 I love my early mornings, just before sunrise, when the birds are awakening and the house is still. This has always been my private time, ever since the children were young when I […]

Gone but Unforgettable

Gone but Unforgettable – Published in Trouvaille Review – April 22, 2022 Trapped in a canyon of time an inescapable echo surrounds me, a voice that stirs twists the familiar hands hunches my posture creeping in with age, the maternal voice I struggle to ignore will come with me to […]

Too Much Weight to Carry

Too Much Weight to Carry – Published in Flora Fiction Review – March 22, 2022 Wearing twenty unwanted pounds and bearing the weight of a critical mother, Eleanor was determined to free herself of both. But today, she had to find a mother-approved, Saks Fifth Avenue labelled, black dress required […]

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights – Published in Trouvaille Review – January 22, 2022 Entangled thoughts clash in the darkened room should do, could do, must do, might. Explosion of energy illuminates my mind like fireworks in the night sky preventing rest as hours tick past while struggling to prioritize actions. Somewhere in […]

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Letting Go

Letting Go – Published in the Ekphrastic Writing Challenge – August 13, 2021 He stared out the window into the empty street lit only by the flicker of gaslights. The restaurant was empty and so was the page before him. Blank. Nothing. “Another whiskey,” he called across the empty dining […]

Summer Song

Summer Song – Published in Love Anthology by Pure Slush – October 2021 Remember our blind date when my dad answered the door and called you Mike? You didn’t know he called every guy Mike who showed up asking for me. I stood by biting the inside of my cheek, […]