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Barbara Hurwitz is an educator, traveler and indie author. She enjoys reading, writing, crafts and spending time with her growing family.

Memory Seeds

Memory Seeds – Published in Pure Slush, Anthology: Life Span Vol. 9 – February 2024 I feel an anxious flutter in my chest as I try to recall the voice, the blue eyes and auburn curls bouncing as she approaches. But my head refuses to place her. Who is this […]

There’s a Teacher in the Room

There’s a Teacher in the Room – Published in Teach. Write. A Writing Teachers’ Literary Journal – Fall∼Winter 2023 “Welcome. Hello.” I greeted each student at the door with a handshake while trying to make eye contact, but adult eye contact with these 14-year-olds was challenging. Most responded quickly and […]


Hope – Published in Paragraph Planet – September 3, 2023 Sirens whined from the Kyiv streets above. The earth shook and lights flickered. Women and children hunkered together underground in the putrid-scented subway cars, while their homes above fell into ruins. Darnya pulled her two-year-old son into the security of […]

The World was Watching

The World was Watching – Published in Dissident Voice – July 30, 2023 750 migrants paid unaffordable sums to be crowded onto a fishing vessel. Carrying only hope, they journeyed toward freedom. When the ship struggled for survival, cries for rescue, for saviors went unanswered. The world stood by watching. […]


Blessed – Published in Kveller – May 31, 2023 I was named Barbara Ann before I was able to utter my intelligible objections. I would never have chosen Barbara Ann. It was 1950 and a popular name of the age, but Barbara Ann? Couldn’t my parents have been more creative? […]

In Memory of Dad

I Took a Walk with my Dad Today – Posted on Facebook – Father’s Day, June 18, 2023 He came along to help me ride through the painful steps of bursitis. The doctor had told him you have to push past it. With his help I walked, and when my […]

To Begin Again

To Begin Again – Published in Pure Slush Vol. 7: Home Lifespan Series – May 2023 I swear it was just the flash of bright sunlight burning my eyes as I paused in the open doorway   hearing collective voices whispering good-bye. It’s not good-bye I thought   inhaling the […]

Empty Nest

Empty Nest – Published in Fresh Words – November 2022 The psychiatrist advised a pet, maybe a small puppy Evelyn could nurture, and with whom she could share the love and attention she so missed now that her only son was gone. Not gone from this world, but gone from […]

Tour de Florida

Tour de Florida – Published in Flora Fiction Review Vol. 3: Courage – Fall 2022 I swung my leg over the bike’s horizontal crossbar with about the same level of confidence I had when mounting Pinto, for that unforgettable initiation to horseback riding. Suffice it to say, the horse and […]

The Search for Prince Charming

The Search for Prince Charming – Published in Pure Slush Vol. 6: Marriage Lifespan – September 2022 Evie squealed with delight watching her new princess dress twirl about her as she spun circles in front of the full-length mirror. Loose pink sparkles clung to her cheeks, and her mother snapped […]