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In Memory of Dad

I Took a Walk with my Dad Today – Posted on Facebook – Father’s Day, June 18, 2023

He came along to help me ride through the painful steps of bursitis. The doctor had told him you have to push past it. With his help I walked, and when my hips groaned, he pointed to the beauty of the gnarled tree trunks. He told me to inhale the lush mixed scents of nature and listen to the sounds of children at play. When I felt I could not bear another step, he told me to stop, follow the sun’s rays cutting through the thick foliage above, leaving a mosaic pattern on the ground beneath my feet. Take a picture, he said. We’ll paint it together later. I smiled through the pain imagining us sharing a canvas. He got me home, resting with ice packs on my hips, my head resting on his shoulder.