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Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness – Published in Moonstone Art Center Anthology – August 2021

after Danusha Lameris


I’ve been thinking about the night you brought me tea

In that glass too hot to touch but wrapped in a napkin

With that spoonful of honey, you added to sweeten my thoughts,

As I lay in bed feeling too ill to help myself.


I’ve been thinking about the comfort of that Earl Grey aroma,

And its smooth, soothing warmth filling my soul,

Reminding me of your kindness

I try not to take for granted, but so often do.


I’ve been thinking about other acts of kindness

and taking more time to give more of myself in ways that

bring smiles to others the way our grandchildren do

Blowing us virtual kisses.


I’ve been thinking about us and how lucky we are

to embrace each other when others are not free to embrace.

How I relish when we read to each other,

And the joy you bring me with your smiles, your laughter.


I’ve been thinking we are blessed and should cherish that thought,

remember it, and drink more tea together at night.