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Mood Swings

Mood Swings – Published in Writers Rock Quarterly – July 2020 It’s 11:15 a.m. and I’m still in my pajamas. The sink is filled with dirty dishes and the pan with hours old, shriveled pancakes rests on the stovetop. The dog is licking the dried pancake syrup off a kitchen […]

Lost Nation

Lost Nation – Published in The Drabble – June 11, 2020 After The Mueller Report had been removed from library shelves and bookstores, and a house to house search for harbored texts was completed, a ceremonial conflagration was hosted on the White House lawn where a testimonial to the Rule […]

In Days of Isolation

In Days of Isolation – Published in The Drabble – June 3, 2020 The weathered pink door calls to me as I pass by. And each time I pass, I smile. It speaks to me of happiness, springtime, love, and chocolate hearts. The aging paint clings to stories of magical […]


Misnomer – Published in The Drabble – January 15, 2020 I screamed. The visceral pain too much to contain as my baby was wrenched from what I had falsely assured her was the safety of my arms. Words were fired at us, words we could not understand, words filled with […]

Fresh Start

Fresh Start – Published in Micro-Fiction Monday – January 7, 2019 The land shook senseless for days before the tremors ceased. All was still but the movement of the sea. The world once heated by the warmth of the sun was left cold, grey and lifeless. We approached with caution […]


Trapped – Published in Montgomery Magazine – January 2018 This line isn’t moving, I sing through my ventriloquist lips.   How do I always manage to select the slowest line? It’s PINK written across the tight butt of the woman in front of me, that’s made me miss the sign. Now locked in, […]

The Return

The Return – Published in Montgomery Magazine – January 2019 As Rob tossed his duffle in the back of the van, the sound of clinking bottles sent Jen’s antenna shooting into the air. A slight tremor shook her head, and her eyes rose over the top of her sunglasses. “What?” […]

Teen Angel

Teen Angel – Published by Pure Slush in Growing Up – June 21, 2021 Watching the first episode of American Idol Season #1 sparked memories of my secret childhood imaginary fame. I stared wide eyed at the television screen holding back laughter and a twinge of regret. I had missed my […]

America, Beware

America, Beware – Unpublished “Good morning, John.” President Trump reached across his desk and greeted his chief of staff with a prolonged double handshake. I woke this morning with a great idea, one that’s never been done before, not by any other president in the history of this country. With […]