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Movin’ On

Movin’ On – Published in 25 Miles from Home Anthology  by Pure Slush – August 2021 I stepped onto the porch to grab the morning mail like always, while Mama fixed breakfast. Standing out between the layers of junk mail spewing from the mouth of our rusted mailbox was a […]

Teen Angel

Teen Angel – Published in Growing Up Anthology by Pure Slush – April 2021 I was a rock star long before the first episode of American Idol’s season debut in 2002. Far ahead of our time in the 1960’s, friends and I descended my basement stairs lugging our well-stocked portable […]

Inside Out

Inside Out – Published In Lifespan Vol. 1: Birth – January 2021 The early months were pure bliss. Swimming like a lone angel fish in an aquarium, I grew to the size my pool could accommodate. But unlike that sea creature fed only once a day just a few dried flakes […]

I Must Endure

I Must Endure – Published in Fewer Than 500- November 2020 Up until the limitations of COVID, I took great pride in my Orange Theory Fitness classes where, yes, I brought up the average age tenfold. While attempting to disguise my septuagenarian chronology, I donned fashionable Lululemon attire and pink […]

An Angel’s Scent

An Angel’s Scent – Published in Potato Soup Journal – October 2020 Harry sat at the table with Evie sipping his mint tea as he did every morning. Three weeks had passed since the funeral, but he still felt her presence and talked with her as though she were there […]

The Fork Told the Spoon

The Fork Told the Spoon – Published in The Drabble – September 2020 I know it’s cold here set on this empty dining room table, behind shuttered restaurant doors, where the lingering scent of sumptuous food has dissipated. The hustle of waiters, the soft conversations and the sounds of clinking […]

Trash & Treasures

Trash & Treasures – Published in Fewer Than 500 – September 2019 “Por favor, don’t go, Mama.” Julio pushes out his quivering bottom lip. Carlita lifts him into her arms and kisses him goodnight before settling him into the imported Italian crib with only a few marks left by the […]

Birkenstocks and Blazers

Birkenstocks and Blazers – Published in American Writers Review 2020 – July 2020 I checked myself out in the hallway mirror one last time, smiled at the confident face staring back at me and air kissed myself good-bye. “You’ve got this, girl.” I was ready, eager to enter the full-time […]

Mood Swings

Mood Swings – Published in Writers Rock Quarterly – July 2020 It’s 11:15 a.m. and I’m still in my pajamas. The sink is filled with dirty dishes and the pan with hours old, shriveled pancakes rests on the stovetop. The dog is licking the dried pancake syrup off a kitchen […]

Lost Nation

Lost Nation – Published in The Drabble – June 11, 2020 After The Mueller Report had been removed from library shelves and bookstores, and a house to house search for harbored texts was completed, a ceremonial conflagration was hosted on the White House lawn where a testimonial to the Rule […]